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Home Healing

About Linda Lofthouse

I’m Linda Lofthouse and I’m a house healer, a dowser and an alternative healer.


Over the years I’ve worked as an alternative therapist practicing in Emotional Freedom Technique, Reiki and other healing therapies and I include these therapies in my House Healing process.


I turned to House Healing after a long spell of being employed in property sales – and realising that some houses have a strange feel about them and just wouldn’t sell. I learned how to heal these harmful earth energies and other spiritual energies to make the house become a loving and peaceful environment.


I use dowsing to heal the energies around people clearing detrimental energies in all levels of their energy fields, clearing and balancing their chakras and helping them to return to a healthier state of being.

I utilise all my healing therapy skills to heal you and your home so that you experience a noticeable difference in your life.

Linda Lofthouse House Healing

My speciality is in detecting and clearing negative energies that can cause stress, anxiety, and other health problems in your home and on the people living there. I offer a variety of services to help you improve your physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being.  My dowsing techniques can detect and eliminate negative energies, such as geopathic stress, EMF radiation, and more.

I am a certified dowser and have trained in a variety of techniques to clear and heal detrimental energies in your home and on the people living there.

I qualified with the International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine and trained with:
  • Tim Walters - Remote House Healing
  • Susie Shaw - Home Consultations, space clearing and feng shui
  • Raymon Grace - Healing with dowsing
I'm a member of the Ridings Dowsers.

Remote dowsing of a floor plan

I offer a range of services, including home healing, space clearing, personal healing and more.

My goal is to help you create a healthier, happier, and more harmonious living environment.

Contact me today to schedule a free 30 minute consultation and learn more about my services.

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