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About Home Healing

Why would you need one?

Can’t sell your home

Relationship issues

Can’t sleep

Bad luck

Job issues

Home accidents

Neighbour issues

Pets reacting strangely

Stagnant energy from previous occupants

A strange feeling

Bad health

Children issues

Electromagnetic problems

Feel unwell with no logical explanation

Drained of energy

White Wooden House

 What's included in a Home Healing?

A full House Healing includes up to 50 categories:

Earth energy lines, energy vortices, leylines, shamanic lines, historical place memories, portals and gateways, black magic and much more.


A mini House Healing includes 4 categories, examples are:

  • Underground water veins, earth energies, vortices and electro-magnetic problems

  • Spirits, portals, karmic problems, past life vows

  • Chakra healing, psychic chords, energy attachments, spells


My free 30 minute consultation will help you to decide which categories are best suited to your needs.

How it's done

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