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Free 30 minute zoom consultation to discuss your needs

House Check:
Dowsing diagnosis of a House Plan (does not include energy clearing or healing). A good starting point if you are considering a House Healing and the £50 is deductible if you decide to book a Home Healing.




Full House Healing conducted remotely (approx 20 hours work)                 
Includes checking of up to 50 categories in your home and on the occupants.
The categories include earth energies which cause geopathic stress, trapped spirits and personal healing (chakras, energy fields, psychic chords). A full report is provided with full details of all findings and the healing and balancing work that has taken place. Includes a 30 min zoom session to discuss the findings.




Home Consultation (offered within reasonable travel distance):         
Full House Healing using my shamanic drum, Tibetan bell and a fire ceremony (conducted safely) to clear any stagnant energies and leave your home feeling refreshed and re-energised. Includes feng-shui recommendations.




Small Business Consultation
Includes healing of geopathic stress, space clearing, spirit release, feng shui advice. Fees based on the size of the business, starting at £350.

Mini Reports conducted remotely (5 to 6 hours work):
Earth Energy Report includes 4 categories of your choice                          
Personal Energy Healing with 4 categories of your choice                         
Or tailor-made to your choice




Personal Energy Healings via zoom for one hour                                      
(Energy clearing, EFT, Reiki tailored to your needs)

Tarot Readings with dowsing conducted remotely                                      
Emailed to you with interpretation and guidance and includes any follow-up questions for dowsing.








for any amount

A unique gift for your friends and family

A Home Healing Experience

or a Tarot Reading with Dowsing

After Care:
An important part of my service is after care. I continue to check your home remotely and the occupants for up to two months after your healing free of charge.

Payment Terms:
Please note 20% payment is required at the time of booking and the balance is payable either before or on the day of service. I will invoice you after your consultation.  

If I have worked for you with no charge, you may wish to make a donation, please click on the link below. Thank You.

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