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Jayne W, Bridlington:
Home Consultation

Linda did a home healing session at our home about a month ago (April 2023).
She was extremely knowledgeable, friendly and professional. I was confident that we were in the hands of a gifted practitioner. Linda took the time to explain things clearly and carefully, she cleared many areas of energy within our home and garden. This had the most amazing effect on our sleep. I have waited a month to review and there’s been a massive improvement in sleep quality. The house now feels calm, peaceful and joyous, kind of sparkly.
Linda has provided ongoing advice and support, with some fascinating insights into the causes of the energies in our home. I can wholeheartedly recommend her, she was a delight to have in our home.

Jane M, Darlington: 
Remote House Healing

Linda carried out a remote Home Healing on my house in August 2023. Her report was very comprehensive and clearly explained the negative energy that I had been experiencing in our home, along with detail that matched up to some historical events that had taken place on the site of our property.  She followed up her report with a call that enabled me to discuss her findings and she provided some advice for steps I could take to ensure the cleared energy in the house is retained.  It has now been a month since Linda sent our report and the house feels much lighter and brighter as a result of her work - even my houseplants have all blossomed.  I would thoroughly recommend Linda’s work.
My home is also my office since the pandemic and thanks to Linda’s work, it is a much calmer environment in which to live and work. 

Claire Hanlon, Thirsk: 
Home Consultation

A friend of mine told me about Linda's Home Healing business and gave me her number. She was really easy to talk to. I did feel a bit awkward trying to explain it wasn't anything sinister but my home 'didn't feel right'.  She was very understanding and explained everything clearly.
Linda worked around my home, clearing the geopathic stress points in several different areas including my garden and explained to me that she was also clearing energy too.
Part of the visit was to advise me on Feng Shui to help with the flow of the house. 
Since putting the recommendations into place, I have had many changes happen in my life including a new job, increased finances and a new romance. I would definitely recommend her services.
Thank you so much.

Kate Schott, Darlington:
Home Consultation

We had the complete Home Healing package with Linda which was amazing!
We had always wondered if the nearby electricity cables were having any impact on our home and Linda checked, confirmed and cleared the geopathic stress.
She also did energy clearing inside our home and gave superb feng shui recommendations which we have already seen results from!
The whole experience was so interesting and informative as well as leaving the whole house feeling wonderfully calm. Linda is such a lovely lady and we would highly recommend her services.

Lisa Medd, Windsor:
Tarot reading with dowsing

I was fortunate enough to have a tarot reading by Linda and was astounded at how accurate she was. The reading was done with kindness and empathy and was a great source of guidance and comfort for me.
100% recommended.

Maureen Cadoux,
North Duffield:
Tarot reading with dowsing

I can vouch for how absolutely amazing and accurate Linda is, she has done a few readings for me and other people I know. A rare talent! X
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