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Coloruful houses by the river


Problems with your home?
Does the energy feel strange?
Can't sleep?
A strange feeling?

Technopathic stress?

There are many problems that can be solved with a Home Healing. 


Do you know that Geopathic Stress can cause serious illnesses?

Most houses have geopathic stress either in the garden or in the house itself. It can affect your health and sleep patterns, and cause headaches and a feeling of un-wellness or even serious medical conditions.

There are many things that cause it:

• Stagnant energy from underground streams

• The earth being disturbed in some way – perhaps from an extension on the house, or the neighbours having work done on their house, or on-going building on a new development.

• Tunnels, quarries, sewers, drains, pipes, wires, cables, sub-stations, railway lines – can all cause geopathic stress.

Using my dowsing rods I can locate the exact spot and clear it. It won’t come back unless something disturbs the earth again.

I can offer you a Remote Home Healing:

In the same way that Reiki works in sending distance healing to people, your home can be healed remotely using dowsing. I’m able to check your floorplan for any detrimental energies and heal it remotely using a recognised and successful house healing method.
How does it work? Well everything in the universe is made up of energy and has a vibrational frequency (including us humans). I can connect with the energy and vibrational frequency of your home and the people living in it and clear any detrimental energies. The healing method is a spiritual process and is sent by thought, emotion and intention.
It doesn’t matter where you live, I’ve healed homes in Turkey and Australia from my home in North Yorkshire. So if a Home Consultation doesn’t appeal to you or distance is a problem, consider a Remote House Healing – you will notice the difference afterwards!

or a Home Consultation
(within reasonable travel distance of my home in North Yorkshire).

I check for earth energies, trapped spirits and any detrimental energies.
I use my Tibetan Bell, Shamanic drum and smudging to clear the detrimental energies in your home. I make a fire ceremony to take away the stagnant energies and to manifest your wishes. I provide feng-shui advice to enhance the chosen categories of your life (eg health, wealth, love, career).

"The house now feels calm, peaceful and joyous, kind of sparkly"       JW

“Since putting the recommendations into place, 

I have had many changes happen in my life including a new job, increased finances and a new romance”           CH

  • Dowsing for Home Clearing
  • Dowsing for Office Clearing
  • Dowsing for Personal Energy Clearing
  • Dowsing for Health and Well-being
  • Dowsing for Land and Property
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